Since the advent of the LED, luminaires have started to step into a new era. But letting go of the light bulb is not easy. Some companies are working at the forefront of development, where optics is as crucial to the design as any other factor. With Eclipse as a partner, you can make that step with zero effort.


In LED lighting, the automotive industry is pushing the limit of what is possible, as is the case in many fields. Using lasers for a light source is one example, but many manufacturing techniques have also evolved thanks to the push from this industry. Lighting in the automotive field can be either exterior or interior, and they all require optics. Optics that can be designed by Eclipse.


The plethora of commercial products today often involves lighting or illumination in some way. It may be a button, a brightly shining stripe or a spotlight in a sewing machine. Behind both aesthetically and technically advanced illumination lays a foundation of optics which transforms the bright spot of the LED to a superior user experience.

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