Course in Camera Technology

Eclipse provides courses in various areas, machine vision is one. It will give you an introduction to camera technology and image analysis. In this course you can expect an overview of basic lighting, optics, sensor technology, image analysis and deep learning algorigthms. We also include great demonstrations to make the course material stick. Contact us for a free sample of the course material and for a quote!

Course outline:

Lighting: Light sources, Lighting geometries

Optics: Lenses, imaging, field-of-view, focusing and zoom, types of objectives

Sensors: Pixels and resolution, CCD/CMOS, color, brightness and exposure, gain

Image enhancement: Sharpness, noise, contrast, white balance, gamma, calibration

Image analysis: Types of algorithms, segmentation, object recognition, bar codes

Machine learning: Principles, training data, strengths and weaknesses

Maintenance and fault finding: Cleaning, assembly, fault finding


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