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We have the know-how to fulfill visionary dreams and solve everyday problems.

Eclipse is a group of industry experts working closely together. We offer deep knowledge – from a wide area of expertise. Challenge us and we will help you develop the optics and technology needed to bring light to your specific purpose.

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Optical design

Optics is our passion, and we know what it takes to design production-ready optics with the right performance. We have delivered many ready-to-manufacture designs with completed tolerance and stray light analysis.


Shaping tomorrow takes more than a powerpoint. We love hardware and in our lab we are constantly developing new knowledge, that will help us and our clients to stay at the forefront of optics.

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Camera lab

In our lab in Malmö we can evaluate image quality in various ways and test camera performance in different conditions.


The possibilities for shaping light with optics can seem endless, but the limits are set by the laws of physics. With the help of advanced software we can develop optics for your needs, be it technical or aesthetic.

A corridor with multiple, parallell lights

Optical metrology and sensing

We have extensive experience in the optics necessary for measuring distance, concentration, spectral content, velocity and more.

Camera technology

Image quality tuning requires knowledge about algorithms, hardware, and environmental factors, among many other things. We have a broad knowledge in camera technology and can see the system as a whole.


When developing microscope systems, precise care needs to be taken to not risk the high-resolution of the system. We have experience in all optical parts and can guide you right.


We know LiDAR and we believe that it is a technology that is here to stay. The optics are different from other applications and require special care. Ask us about the limits and the possibilities!

LiDAR data map


We work with top-tier brands and industry leaders

Eclipse is a group of industry experts working closely together. We offer deep knowledge and many years of experience in optics development. Since we started out we have many reference cases, click below to read more.


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For general inquiries call us on our office phone or send an email. Please stop by our office for a chat and a fika!

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