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Over the past decade, LiDAR has developed to become an important technology for automotive and industrial applications. Even in consumer technology there is now advanced LiDARs. Eclipse has experience in working with time-of-flight (indirect and direct) and coherent detection (FMCW), as well as designs for coaxial, biaxial, polarization and spatial coupling, in addition to illumination using VCSEL, edge-emitting diodes or fiber lasers. We have many years of experience in LiDAR from automotive, surveying, airborne applications and industry. Our expertise include:

Optical design of transmitter and receiver optics
  • Simulation
  • Drawings for sourcing
Choice of components
  • Light source: fiber laser, VCSEL, laser diode, LED
  • Detector: SPAD, APD, photodiode
  • Scanner: mechanical, MEMS, optical, spectrum, PIC. Simulation and optimization
  • Filter and window
  • Geometry
Eye safety
  • Self certification
  • Support with laser product report
Measurement method
  • Direct ToF
  • Indirect ToF
  • FMCW
  • RMCW
Trade-off space
  • FoV vs range
  • Point density vs frame rate
 Cost optimization
For more information on what we can help you with in LiDAR, contact Olov von Hofsten, olov.vonhofsten @

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