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LED Optics

The possibilities in shaping light with optics can seem endless thanks to the development of small and ultra-bright LEDs. At Eclipse we have extensive experience in working with challenging LED optics for  illumination applications with both aesthetical and technical requirements. Our use of advanced software to design optics can fulfill all your light shaping needs.

When developing optics for lighting, different standards apply. A lens used for lighting will generally not be useful for imaging and the opposite applies as well – imaging lenses are too good (and expensive) to be used for lighting. We know when to use what type of lens, and the simulations we do will match the result.

In LED lighting, the automotive industry is pushing the limit of what is possible, as is the case in many fields. Using lasers as a light source is one example, but many manufacturing techniques have also evolved thanks to the push from this industry. Lighting in the automotive field can be either exterior or interior, and they all require optics.

Consumer Electronics
The plethora of commercial products today often involves lighting or illumination in some way. It may be a button, a brightly shining stripe or a spotlight in a sewing machine. Behind both aesthetically and technically advanced illumination there will be LED optics which transforms the bright spot of the LED to a superior user experience.

Here are some types of optics we can design

  • LED Concentrators, plastic or metallic
  • Batwings
  • Lightguides
  • Diffusors
  • Flat tops
  • Flash optics

For more information, contact Billy Kaldvee, billy.kaldvee (at) eclipseoptics.com

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