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Optical design

Over the years, our optical design have been used in hundreds of products, ready to be manufactured. Whether you need to develop a state-of-the-art objective lens or mass-produced projectors, Eclipse can help you. Optical design is our passion, and we know how to get it right.

Modern cars are seeing an increased use of optics for sensing, displays and driver monitoring. Undeniably, for autonomous vehicles, optical sensors (cameras and LiDAR) are crucial. These applications often demand optical components designed with high level of requirements. Eclipse has experience in both design and system requirements for optics.

Life science
Certainly, the analysis of microscopic samples is moving away from manual inspection in the lab into automated processes. This augments the need for custom optics. Eclipse can help with choosing the right components as well as designing new solutions in illumination, imaging and optical metrology.

Consumer Technology
Action cameras, projectors, VR and AR headsets, drone-carried cameras, binoculars, and mobile phones. The list of advanced optics in consumer products available today is long. Eclipse has experience in a number of these new interesting areas, and in what is required to take your product to mass production..

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